About Us

What is Playing It Forward?

Playing It Forward is a powerful tool that streamlines the process and creates efficiency in a one stop fundraising event planner. From invites, to social networks, to leaderboards, to prizes, Playing It Forward covers it all. We want to help worthwhile causes raise more money then they usually do by utilizing this site. We will help you through the entire process with one of our representatives from beginning to end.

The best part about Playing It Forward is players don't need to be present at the event to compete in it! Players and contributors can play any course, any time, with any handicap to donate and compete for prizes. Our patent-pending technology equalizes the playing field with a database of all golf courses in the U.S. and Canada for difficulty, slope grades and more to balance the players and their skills. This makes it more fun, more competitive and ultimately raises more money!

We will change the way charities raise money by making giving fun. We enable charities to create interactive, online events that combine the fun of real life sports participation & competition, where everyone competes for prizes, without geographical or time restrictions.

We are a group of passionate and successful business people, athletes and coaches who are inspired to make a difference in the lives of all people and particularly our young people.

Our tag line "Playing It Forward" makes individuals aware that through participation in activities they love they can help schools, universities and any worthwhile cause or charity raise needed funds for helping others.

Playing It Forward empowers charities and non-profits to run successful events while focusing their efforts where they are most needed: helping to serve others.

We believe strongly in being transparent, stressing the concept of "Golf. Give. Get." We connect benefactors with the beneficiaries of the charities we assist to let everyone know the good that was accomplished simply by having fun participating in a Playing It Forward event.

We are open and love to listen to new ideas.

Feel free to contact us and give us your thoughts on this powerful fund raising tool.

To get started call us today at (224) 633-9531