Frequently Asked Questions

Why this event?

Playing It Forward has no upfront cost and is extremely efficient to use. Your event will reach more people and raise more dollars than previous events with lower cost. Use this platform to set-up the event, send out invites, use social media, message participants, use a leaderboard, manage prizes, create more awareness and ultimately raise more money. Playing It Forward takes a 15% administration fee, and we are always here to help.

What if I don't have a handicap?

We can create one for you by using the tool below, or just take a sincere guess at how many strokes you take over a typical 18 hole par course. Keep in mind that less than 5% of golfers shoot under a hundred by USGA rules. At least half of all golfers in America have broken 100.

"What percentage of golfers shoot under 100?" is the third most asked golf question on Their answer: Only 5 percent of them will ever break 100, and of that 5 percent only 2 percent of them will ever break 80.

In fact, according to the National Golf Foundation, the average golf score remains where it has been for decades: 100. This, in spite of all the innovations in club and ball design and instruction. The USGA says that the average golf handicap for men is 16.1, and is 29.2 for women.

The National Golf Foundation breaks down scores this way:

Under 80 5%
80-89 21%
90-99 29%
100-109 24%
110-119 10%
120+ 11%

So, according to the NGF, 55% of golfers surveyed report breaking 100.

What is considered a round of golf?

A regulation round of golf is 18 holes.

How is cheating prevented?

Playing It Forward™ wants to change the way charities and worthwhile causes raise money. We want to make giving fun! Ideally, in the spirit of this mission we hope all participants of Playing It Forward™ events will keep this in mind while competing. It is more about the giving than the winning. With that being said, the integrity of our events is paramount to the level of fun experienced by our participants. We understand that because there are some extraordinary prizes to be won sometimes the darker side of our nature might cause some people to try to game the system, in other words, "cheat". Besides obvious peer pressure for those who have friends and family participating in the event, we have created a system that minimizes the impact of cheating.

Do I have to play by the rules of golf?

Yes. This is a golf tournament and you are expected to do the following:

  1. Play one ball with no extra shots, mulligans or "do overs"
  2. DO NOT improve your lie
  3. Hole all your putts
  4. Count all your strokes

What are the "Rules of Golf?

The Rules of Golf is the actual rule book of the game. Tournament rounds in general are subject to the rules of the game as laid out by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the USGA. These rules are updated every two years by the committees of these two governing bodies.


What does the "decision of the Tournament Committee will be final" mean?

The Rules of Golf state that "decision of the Tournament Committee will be final". The Tournament Committee as it sees fit can modify the rules under special circumstances.

How do you deal with a score that the "Tournament Committee" might deem to be questionable?

The whole premise of this event is that it is for a worthwhile charity and that it is a fundraiser. We understand that people can have "once in a lifetime rounds" but have computed the mathematical probabilities of such rounds happening. Upon completion of a round all scores will be reviewed by the "Tournament Committee" and the player may be contacted to verify the correctness of that score. The "Tournament Committee" retains the right to disqualify a player whose score is beyond the realm of possibility.

How do we follow the progress of our friends and other competitors?

Upon registration everyone has to enter their handicap and subsequent round of golf they will play including: date, course, slope rating. Upon completion of a round, the player will input his or her gross (actual) score hole by hole. Our system will tabulate the results and come up with a "net" score based on the player's handicap and the course slope rating. Everyone will be able to see each golfer's information by clicking on the "i" icon next to the golfer's name.

Can I enter the same tournament more than once or use a score more than once?

As is the case in real tournaments, you may NOT enter the same tournament twice or use the same score for two different events. WE do encourage players to enter multiple events but the appropriate number of rounds must be played.

How old do I have to be?

There is no age limit for having fun! We encourage families to get together for a day of golf with sons and daughters to be part of a cause. Some prizes may be ineligible for participants under 18 or 21 based upon sponsor rules.