How It Works - Fundraiser

Create an Event

Creating an event for your fundraiser couldn't be easier. You will be raising money for your cause in no time! Here's how it works.

  1. Create an account and sign in.

  2. Click 'My Events' and then click 'Start A New Event'.

  3. Fill in Fundraiser Account Activation form and submit.

  4. Choose Event type - Golf, Fitness or Bowling.

  5. Put in Event details - Date, Image or Video.

  6. Choose prize options.

  7. Launch!

Share With Community

Now you'll want to get the word out about your event, and we provide tools to make that easy for you.

  1. Create and send email invitations. You may load a CSV file or copy and paste emails to potential participants. Use our preformatted templates or make your own HTML emails to present your event.

  2. Create website banners to display your event on other websites.

  3. Keep in touch with participants through messaging and emails.

Collect Money!

You don't have to worry about the donations, because we've got that covered. As people participate in your event, donations will automatically be forwarded into your account!

Find an Event

  1. Donate funds - even if you don't play!

  2. Join events in other regions and play your own local course.

Sign Up

  1. Create an account and sign in.

  2. Join events in other regions and play your own local course.

Participate & Win Prizes

  1. Share the event your participating in with others through Facebook, Twitter and email to spread the word.

  2. Have fun competing in the leaderboards with people around the country!

  3. Earn points to get prizes and other awards!

Tournaments may be set up for multiple rounds up to four to mirror a professional style event. Many times a 'live' event is held at the finish date as a second or final round to cap off and celebrate a two month event. Make sure there is plenty of time to get the message out and acquire participants. Keep participants engaged by sending messages and using the social media tools.

Foursomes playing a scramble may be represented as one player with a team name instead of an individual name.

The leader board of an event may be viewed on any mobile device during a tournament to see who is in the lead. This adds excitement to the event and keeps everyone engaged. The leaderboard is active from the beginning of the event including those participants that are playing on their chosen course ahead of the live event.